Luxury Salon & Spa Operators and Management

Holding Master Franchise for international lifestyle wellness brands, Sanghvi Brands is behind the launch of Spa L’OCCITANE, Warren Tricomi Salons, ELLE Spa & Salons, ELEMIS, Holyfield Gyms and Hollywood Celebrity trainer Ms. Ramona Braganza in India, the Middle East, Indian Ocean & USA. With over 70 spa/salons/gyms either operational or under development, Sanghvi Brands has adopted effective salon and spa management techniques to establish a long-term relationship with clients in the ever increasing competitive market.

Salon Management

With the launch of New York-based Warren Tricomi Salon & Spa and ELLE Spa & Salon, Sanghvi Brands has brought in a revolution in the beauty and grooming industry. Adopting efficient Salon Management techniques has ensured a surge in profits, as they have established a direct personal relationship with clients. This salon business management has helped Sanghvi Brands identify its target consumers, classifying them by age group, gender, location, how much money they make, what they do for a living etc. and also establish Warren Tricomi and ELLE as a niche brand in the market. A premium salon operator, Sanghvi Brands not only offer luxurious and comfortable interiors and impeccable services, but has also flourished in the business with effective beauty salon management.
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Spa Management

Adopting effective spa management techniques has helped Sanghvi Brands stay at the top in its league. Been awarded as having the best L’OCCITANE Spas in Asia-Pacific and one of India’s most influential in luxury by BlackBook, Sanghvi Brands is expanding internationally and handles business in a professional and organized manner. A premier spa operator, Sanghvi Brands operates Spa L’OCCITANE. Sanghvi brands has employed some of the best experts, managers, marketing and promotional team to offer ultimate services. A spa operator and a market leader in South Asia, Sanghvi Brands is on track to become one of the major players in this segment globally.
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